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Enrollment assumes that a child will complete the school year at Oxford Hills Christian Academy. However, should withdrawal be necessary, you are asked to give Oxford Hills Christian Academy one month’s notice if possible.

If a student is withdrawn before the school year begins, all prepaid tuition will be refunded.

In the event that a student is withdrawn during the school year, the pro-rated portion of the tuition paid beyond the thirty day notice will be refunded.


There is a text book fee for each child, each year. Textbooks are the property of the school. Lost or damaged books are subject to a non refundable fee for the book. A book is deemed lost after two weeks. It is the responsibility of the student to keep textbooks covered throughout the year in order to protect them.

The education of our children is of such importance that we must give ourselves to excellence and affordability. For the last couple years we have wrestled with how to make Oxford Hills Christian Academy affordable for more families. The Finance Committee and School Board have prayerfully developed a plan so we can offer a Christ-centered education to more people. We extend this to you to ease your financial burden and so you can share this with others so they too can have opportunity to immerse their children in a school that is not ashamed to speak the truths of God and His Word. Due to the extreme drop in our rates, we will not be offering discounts or financial assistance.

Our new tuition rate for the 2017-2018 school year is:

   One child - $2,950

   Two children - $4,390

   Three children - $6,230

   Each additional child - $100 (book fee)

   Family Registration Fee - $150

The Board of Directors of Oxford Hills Christian Academy sets tuition and fees annually. All attempts are made to balance the affordability, educational quality, and financial burdens of the school. Tuition does not cover the cost of operating the school, thus creating the necessity of receiving donations and grants, and fundraising to continue our operation.

Enrollment into Oxford Hills Christian Academy constitutes an agreement to pay all tuition and fees in a timely manner. There are three payment options.

Option 1: Payment in full by August 1st

Option 2: Payments broken into 12 months due on the 1st of each month

Option 3: Payments broken into 10 months due on the 1st of each month

All payments are due by the 1st of every month with a grace period of 10 days. Consequently, should payment not reach us by the end of day on the 10th, there will be a late charge assessed to your account on the 11th. The late fee will be charged at a rate of 15% of the outstanding payment.  If there is a financial difficulty, it is the responsibility of the parent to communicate this to the administration. Non-payment can result in the termination of enrollment. For any account that becomes more than 30 days overdue, that student will not be allowed to attend classes until the account is brought current.

Returned checks will be subject to a $25 fee.  Graduating seniors’ accounts must be paid in full in order to receive their diplomas. Transcripts and other student records will not be charged a fee for current students. There is a $5 fee for former students to receive these documents. 


Additional Policies  


Review the OHCA

Parent/Student Handbook

for a complete list of

school policies.

Student Handbook 2017 - Tuition Updated 11-22.pdf