Bible Based Education

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Our Christ centered teaching focus on the way he lived his life and give us a path in which we should live ours.  Our education focuses much more on the social aspects of the teachings of Jesus, how we should treat and interact with one another, and how to honor him and ourselves in our day to day lives rather than the pseudo scientific branches of Christian education like young earth creationist or intelligent design hinged on biblical literalness.

Math & Sciences

Our curriculum follows that of traditional schooling.  We feel this is the best way to prepare the kids that come to us for higher education if they choose to go that route and help them become more well rounded individuals.  A fundamental understanding of how the world works and why things work the way they do is critical to building upon the knowledge of years past.  Tearing that down in favor of pseudo intellectualism instills a dogmatic approach to life which is so rigid and tied to those teachings that you are unable to see the world through the eyes of another, to have empathy for one another; an extremely important teaching in our Bible study.

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Language, Literature, & History

At first it may seem strange to have language and literature courses in addition to our bible study.  While we do appreciate how wonderful and amazing the bible is and what a gift to humanity it is, we do understand that there are many great writers throughout history that deserve our attention.  Part of being grounded and well rounded is to understand history.  How we got to where we are is just as important as the journey ahead.  It is part of what defines who we are as a people that cannot be ignored.  Our history teachings will range from world history to United States history based on year.


Bible Study

For many parents this part of our curriculum is the most important.  Understanding the teachings of Christ through the bible gives us a view into his life, how he lived it, and how we should model our own lives.  Since this is our core emphasis we focus a lot more on The New Testament rather than the Old Testament.  The social aspects of the books of The New Testament are our primary teaching points.  We focus on loving one another and having empathy for others.  The bible is not an instruction manual, so much of the work in our bible study classes will revolve around interpreting the stories in the books.  We can try to learn more about ourselves by dissecting what a story means to us.  What did it mean when it was written?  How does that apply today?  Does it?  These are all questions we must ask over and over when interpreting the bible.  This approach to bible study, we believe, leaves our students with the tools necessary to build their own ideology rather than forcing one on them.